Top IT news for April 30: Microsoft could go hostile with Yahoo, 3G iPhone rumored at $199, new tool lets police crack PCs

Top IT news stories for April 30, 2008: Microsoft appears to be gearing up for a proxy fight with Yahoo, Wall Street is getting antsy about the Microhoo delay, 3G iPhone is rumored to sell for $199, Microsoft device reportedly helps police crack PCs for forensics, free Wi-Fi cafes could be fading away, and much more.

Top five headlines

  1. Report: Microsoft leaning toward proxy fight
  2. Microhoo: Wall Street gets antsy
  3. Rumor: 3G iPhone to sell for US$199
  4. Microsoft device helps police pluck evidence from cyberscene of crime
  5. Wi-Fi cafes: Easy to find, but free is fading away

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