UPDATED: Calendar of U.S. technology conferences in the second half of 2007

I regularly attend technology conferences and events. One of things I enjoy about it is serving as a proxy for the TechRepublic audience at these events and reporting back my findings. However, there are two big challenges I have faced for as long as I have been going to events. The first is choosing which events to attend, because there are so many of them and a lot of the topics overlap. The other is finding a good list of the dates and links to the various conferences and events.

With the latter in mind, I have compiled a list of conferences I think would interest IT pros of various stripes, and I have included the location, the dates, and a link to conference information. Since many of you may have budget money available to attend a conference in the second half of the year, I hope this list will help you find the best conference for your money.


Ubuntu Live — Portland, Oregon, July 22-24

Cisco Networkers 2007 — Anaheim, California, July 22-26

O'Reilly Open Source Convention — Portland, Oregon, July 23-27

Black Hat — Las Vegas, Nevada, July 28 - August 2

CompTIA Breakaway Conference — Las Vegas, Nevada, July 31 - August 2


LinuxWorld — San Francisco, California, August 6-9

IBM Share — San Diego, California, August

VoiceCon — San Francisco, California, August 20-23

Destination CRM — New York, New York, August 21-22

Financial Services Technology Summit — New York, New York, August 27-29


Office 2.0 Conference — San Francisco, California, September 5-7

VMworld — San Francisco, California, September 11-13

IdeaFestival 2007 — Louisville, Kentucky, September 13-15

Midsize Enterprise Summit 2007 — LaQuinta, California, September 16-19

IT Security World — San Francisco, California, September 17-19

ChicagoCon Security Conference — Chicago, Illinois, September 17-23

Intel Developer Forum — San Francisco, California, September 18-20

Open Source Summit — Las Vegas, Nevada, September 19-21

Web Innovation Summit — Las Vegas, Nevada, September 19-21

SANS Network Security 2007 — Las Vegas, Nevada, September 22-30

WiMAX World — Chicago, Illinois, September 25-27

MIT Emerging Technologies Conference — Boston, Massachusetts, September 25-27


COMPTEL Convention + Expo — Dallas, Texas, October 7-10

Gartner Symposium ITxpo — Orlando, Florida, October 7-12

IBM Information On Demand 2007 — Las Vegas, Nevada, October 14-19

Storage Networking World — Dallas, Texas, October 15-18

TechMentor — Las Vegas, Nevada, October 15-19

Citix iForum 07: The App Delivery Expo — Las Vegas, Nevada, October 22-25

Interop New York 2007 — New York, New York, October 22-26

CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment — San Francisco, California, October 23-25


Defrag Conference — Denver, Colorado, November 5-6

Windows Connections 2007 — Las Vegas, Nevada, November 5-8

SIIA OnDemand (SaaS) — San Jose, California, November 7-9

Oracle OpenWorld 2007 — San Francisco, California, November 11-15

Mobile Internet World — Boston, Massachusetts, November 13-15

LISA '07 (Large Installation System Administrators) — Dallas, Texas, November 11-16

26th Annual Data Center Conference — Las Vegas, Nevada, November 27-30


Gartner CIO Summit — Amelia Island, Florida, December 2-4

GreenXchange Conference — Los Angeles, CA, December 10-11, 2007

Enterprise Networking Summit — Nashville, Tennessee, December 10-12

I have included only U.S. conferences, and I have listed only some of the larger and broader conferences. For international conferences and conferences on niche topics, take a look at the full conference listings of two of the largest IT conference providers, CMP and Gartner.

I am going to update this list periodically, so if there are legitimate, national-level technology conferences or events not listed here, please post a note in the discussion and I will add them to the list.

By Jason Hiner

Jason Hiner is Editorial Director of CNET and former Editor in Chief of TechRepublic. He's co-author of the book, Follow the Geeks.