Windows 8 debate: Right direction or wrong direction?

Now that we know a lot more about Windows 8, it's time to discuss the implications. Come join a live online debate at 2:00PM Eastern on Tuesday.

Last week Microsoft lifted the curtain and showed off a lot more about Windows 8 at the Build conference, so it's time to discuss the implications of Windows 8 on the PC ecosystem, software developers, and the tech industry as a whole. On Tuesday at 2:00PM Eastern over at ZDNet, I'm going to be moderating a live debate on Windows 8 between Ed Bott and Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols.

This is part of ZDNet's new series, The Great Debate, and here's how it works. The moderator sets the topic. The two debaters make their opening statements. Then, we get together for a live one-hour discussion where I toss out questions and both of them have a few minutes to answer and respond to each other's comments. At the end of the online chat, both of the debaters make a closing statement. Meanwhile, during the whole process, the audience gets an opportunity to vote for one side of the argument (and one debater) or the other, and can also join the discussion by leaving comments.

The topic this week is "Windows 8: Right direction or wrong direction?" Veteran Microsoft columnist Ed Bott will be arguing that Windows 8 "is aimed squarely in the right direction," while open source writer Steven J. Vaughan Nichols will argue that Windows 8 "is headed toward another Vista-sized fiasco." Both Bott and Vaughan-Nichols have already posted their opening statement. You can read them on the debate page, which is also where you'll tune in at 2:00PM to see the live debate. Again, this will essentially take the form of a live chat.

Here are some of the topics that we'll discuss:

  • What are the most significant changes in Windows 8?
  • What does Windows 8 say about Microsoft's vision of the future?
  • How will Windows 8 change the PC ecosystem?
  • What will Windows 8 mean for developers?
  • What's Microsoft's strategy for PC-mobile convergence?

Oh, and one more thing: On Thursday morning I will name a winner of the debate. So, you can check back on the same page on Thursday to see who the official winner is (it may not be the same as the people's choice).