Gadgetgirl's heartfelt appeal to attend TR's 2010 event

TR member gadgetgirl makes a heartfelt appeal to her fellow TR peers about attending this year's event in Louisville, KY. This post was taken directly from the original thread about "TechRepublic Live 2010: The Changing Face of IT."

"To anyone out there who is only thinking/deciding/wondering/dithering about attending this event (TechRepublic Live 2010: The Changing Face of IT - June 30th to July 2, in Louisville, KY).

"We have now lost two stalwarts of this site. The Scummy One in January, and last week, OldER Mycroft. Two people we didn't get the chance to meet, but mourn as if they were our own family.

"We never can tell who will be next, or why. Please rethink your plans, re-arrange your vacations, re-plan your finances and get there, no matter how.

"I, for one, don't want to mourn another TR friend that I didn't meet in real life, but wanted to, desperately. This is OUR community get-together. This is our chance to meet each other, chat in real time, face to face, and yes - hug each other to bits. Last years' Gathering was a total hug fest.

"For anyone not sure what they'll find - take it from me, not one of us is an "online persona." We're all exactly the same in real life as we are on line. It was very refreshing to find that; it also shows how honest people on this site really are.

"Please - take a second look at getting there. If you still can't, then please do me a favour. Take care of yourselves, wrap yourself up in cotton wool or bubble wrap so that nothing can harm you till you CAN get there and we can meet in person.

"We're only here once, and some of us aren't here that long. Let's make the most of a wonderful opportunity to share.

"If this sounds like emotional blackmail - it is. But I think you'll all forgive me for it this time."

This post was taken directly from the discussion thread of the original post about the event. Please send your official RSVP to