Poll: IT pros determine the Most Admired Company

TR member dcolbert thinks IT professionals are better suited than business leaders to determine the Most Admired Company, and so we thought we'd let the TR community decide. Take the poll.

Last week, TR member dcolbert wrote about how Fortune Magazine recently named Apple the Most Admired Company among business leaders. However, he questioned whether business leaders are the best people to ask -- especially since IT pros (in general) have a much better understanding of technology.

Here's a brief excerpt from his post:

So, while Apple and loyal Apple customers are busy patting themselves on the back for another win as “Most Admired Company,” it might be worth considering who has given that award and how meaningful it really is. The people in the industry who understand the most – the technology pros and gadget obsessed — are starting to get more and more concerned. If they had been given Fortune Magazine’s survey, Apple still might have won, but by a falling margin instead of growing one.

This seems like the perfect opportunity to put his assumptions to the test. Since TechRepublic is a web site for IT pros, we'll let the TR community decide the title of Most Admired Company. As for the criteria, we'll borrow Fortune Magazine's factors of reputation, integrity, and trust. Feedback and explanations are welcome in the discussion thread, as well as companies you admire that didn't make our list.