Quick open and switch in Windows 7

TechRepublic member .Martin. provides a few keyboard shortcuts using the [Windows] key in Windows 7. Take a look at his examples, and then add your own keyboard shortcuts in the discussion thread.

This tip was provided by .Martin.

Pressing the [Windows]+number will do a few different things in Windows 7. For example:

  • If it's not already open, press [Windows]+1 to open the first item on your Quick Launch (and so on with 1-9)
  • With tasks open, press [Windows]+respective number (including Quick Launch) to switch from one task to another (pressing multiple times will change between instances of a task that are grouped together)
  • If you want to open another instance of task that's already open, simply press [Windows]+[Shift]+number¬† -- or [Windows]+[Shift]+[Ctrl]+number to open with admin rights

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