Report TechRepublic bugs and offer suggestions about the 2011 upgrade

TR member Tigger_Two created a Google Doc for bugs and/or suggestions about the 2011 upgrade to help facilitate a more coordinated effort between the TR community and TechRepublic staff working behind the scenes.

This post originally appeared as a comment by TR member Tigger_Two in "TechRepublic's official feedback thread for the 2011 upgrade."

Tigger_Two combed through the feedback thread, pulled out everything that looked like a bug report or a suggestion, and placed it in a Google Doc so that everyone could see what issues had already been addressed and/or fixed. This will help facilitate a more coordinated effort between the TR community and TechRepublic staff working behind the scenes. Click here to go to the TR Bugs/Suggestion Google Doc, which any TechRepublic member can view and edit.

Here are Tricia's description and instructions for the document:

The first thing you should see is a page that explains how I set up the column headers. Maintaining this as a useful tool is a volunteer effort, so please try to conform to the layout as it stands.

When adding a report, consider if the issue is really a bug or if it is a suggestion. Consider what areas of the site are impacted. If you are making a suggestion, tell TR how it will improve the site.

If you have a bug, more is better. The more information that the team at TR has, the better chance they have of addressing your issue.

I pulled information from this thread to create the sheet about 20 or so posts ago. If I missed your issue, I apologize. I am not staff and gave it my best shot as quickly as I could.

If you have the link, you can add a new entry to the sheets. There is one for bugs, one for suggestions. If the sheets get spammed, I will a) cry real tears for hours and b) cut off access to edit so that it is invitation only. I really do not want to do that.

I understand that there are those that really want to have their complaints about the changes heard. I respect that. The purpose of this spreadsheet is to try to open a concise two way communication with the folks that are trying to manage this rollout. Please use the original thread for discussion about personal opinions regarding the change.

I could really use another set of eyes (or more) to help me keep clutter at a minimum. Jason, I could also use a point person at TR that I can communicate with so that the sheet can stay updated without taking a ton of time away from the development/fix effort. If you are interested in helping with the maintenance chore, add me to your contacts and send me a note.

Hopefully, this will be a helpful tool for all.