Spotlight Question: How do you get beyond the 10 user limit in XP?

TechRepublic member bwinholt has recently experienced problems using Windows XP Pro as server software. Is there a way to get beyond the 10 user limit, or do you recommend different software? If you can help this member, you'll earn a free TechRepublic coffee mug.

TechRepublic member bwinholt submitted the following question.

I have been using Windows XP Pro as server software, but recently, it has been dropping users randomly. It started happening after adding two copiers to the server as a fax and scanner. XP is supposed to have a limit of 10 incoming connections.

Would you recommend Microsoft Server 2008, Linux, or some other software? Currently, there are nine users, plus the two copiers and the server. Is there a way to get beyond the 10 user limit in XP? I know Microsoft says it will not force the 10 user limit. Thank you for your time.

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[Update: February 19, 2010 - Keep in mind, as Scott Lowe points out, "The 10 user limit is both a technical and legal limitation as per the license agreement. Any solution provided to the reader for a way around the limit will be assisting the user in circumventing the End User Licensing Agreement."]