Spotlight Question: Outlook 2002 email problem with Windows 7

TechRepublic member Bear1Bear recently upgraded to Windows 7 Pro but now has a problem with sending email in Outlook 2002. If you can help this member resolve this email issue, you will earn a free TechRepublic coffee mug.

TechRepublic member Bear1Bear submitted the following question.

I recently upgraded my system from Windows XP Pro to Windows 7 Pro. After installing all my "useful" programs (Firefox, OfficeXP Pro, MBSA2, CCleaner, ZoneAlarmInternetSuite, Ad-Aware, MS SecurityEssentials, Spybot S&D, FoxitPDF Reader, Irfanview, Malwarebytes AntiMalware, SpywareGuard, Winzip, & WinPatrol), I tried to check my email (Outlook 2002 -- from OfficeXP).

Outlook now has an annoying loss of focus problem. As I'm typing this email, I've had to click inside the mail window numerous times to continue typing! I'm wondering if one of my "security" apps is the cause, but using msconfig to turn off all and selectively restart those apps has no effect on the problem. Also, I've noted that my laptops fan speeds up while I'm losing focus.

I'm completely stumped. Any suggestions would be truly appreciated.

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