Spotlight Question: Thumbnails and Quick Launch taskbar missing in Windows 7

TechRepublic member lee_in_ftc upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 but now can no longer see photo thumbnails or the Quick Launch taskbar. If you can help this member solve these issues, you will earn a free TechRepublic coffee mug.

TechRepublic member lee_in_ftc submitted the following question.

First off, I purchased this HP about two months ago. It came with Windows Vista installed, and when I downloaded McAfee and ran it, a lot of the HP software showed up as a Trojans.

Vista was very buggy. When Microsoft mailed me my upgrade to Windows 7 CD, I went about installing it. I backed most of my files up to a USB via a IDE hard drive adapter. I also restored the system to as it was when I first got it, added McAffee, rescanned, and deleted the Trojans again. Then I upgraded to Windows 7.

Now, none of my photos are shown as thumbnails. Instead, it shows me some picture for every one of the photos I have, and that picture is not one that I have seen.

I also haven't found a way to turn on the Quick Launch taskbar, even though I have added several things to it that I've installed in the last two weeks.

And yesterday, I received the Blue Screen of Death three or four times when I tried to copy a 200MB file to a USB stick. The first time, it said it was a Nvidea driver, so I went to their site and downloaded the latest driver. I crashed two more times while I was trying to do that.

So, my questions are: 1) How can I fix the thumbnail problem? and 2) How can I turn on the Quick Launch taskbar?

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