TechRepublic Questions of the Week - May 11, 2009

The questions highlighted in this Questions of the Week post address issues with boot discs, IE favorites, Mac OS X, linking tables, and more.

With the help from the TechRepublic community, we've compiled a list of questions from last week that had great answers and/or large appeal. If you want to submit your favorite Question of the Week, using those guidelines as criteria, please send them to

This first question was sent to me directly from TR member ybbaale. Please post your answer in the discussion thread.

Is there software that I can use to control documents like Video vision does with movies? I'd like to find some type of software where I can put my documents, and if i want a certain document, I can search for it -- or if I want a certain procedure, I can go into that software and locate it.

Here are other highlighted questions from last week: