TR Community tip: View your IP address information

In this quick tip by TR member Jacky Howe, you'll learn two different ways to quickly obtain your IP address information.

This tip was provided by Jacky Howe.

There are different ways in Windows to quickly retrieve your IP address. I've provided two methods below.


  1. Select Start | Run
  2. Type cmd in the Run dialogue box, and press Enter
  3. Type ipconfig /all at the command prompt

This will open a command window with your IP address information. One advantage is that you can send the information to a text file by typing ipconfig /all> c:\ip.txt

View status

  1. Select Start | Control Panel
  2. Open Network Connections, and double-click the icon for your network (If the network appears in the system tray, you can just double-click that icon)
  3. Click the Support tab
  4. Select the Details button

This will open a Network Connection Details window with your IP address information.

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