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Video: Webgrrls Out Loud

TechRepublic's Senior Editor Sonja Thompson attended a Webgrrls networking meeting in Chicago and put together a video to give the TechRepublic community an idea of what Webgrrls is all about.

On my first night in Chicago — a business trip to attend BlogHer 2009 — I had the opportunity to attend a Webgrrls networking event. I've heard quite a bit about Webgrrls from Nelly Yusupova, so I was excited to see the community of geeky gals in action.

I recorded most of the meeting with my Flip camera and then assembled a few segments to give the TechRepublic community an idea of what Webgrrls is all about. The networking that goes on here is phenomenal — each person introduces herself (or himself - yes, there was one gentleman there), and then they say what they need and what they have to offer. Afterward, everyone is able to mingle and make connections.

Please note that there were a lot of incredible women at this event, and not everyone received their 10 seconds of fame on this video clip. However, I definitely appreciated the invitation and encourage more tech women to consider adding Webgrrls to their networking repertoire.

For more information about Webgrrls International, and to see if there's a Chapter near you (or to find out how to start a Chapter in your area), please visit Webgrrls.

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