Citrix paves the way for a bright future

It is official; Xenserver has been acquired by Citrix.

Citrix has been doing application virtualization for a long time now and just when you thought they couldn't possibly do anything more, they pulled the acquisition of Xensource out of their hat.  Now they are the only company that can offer a total suite of virtualization that leverages server, application, and desktop virtualization.

According to IDC, the virtualization market is expected to be worth 3.4 billion by 2011 and Citrix's strategy to enter this market will be the foundation for their continued success for years to come.

Now that the acquisition is complete, Citrix has two new products. They are:

Citrix XenServer for server virtualization - Citrix XenServer is an enterprise-class platform for managing server virtualization in the datacenter.  You can also take advantage of Citrix XenServer Express (free download) which allows you to virtualize up to 4 virtual machines for free.

Citrix XenDesktop- This product which will ship in the first half of 2008; it will be a combination of Citrix Desktop Server, XenServer, and Citrix Provisioning Server. The main goal being to have a single product that allows you to deliver applications, virtualization, and provide image provisioning.

What do you think of the marriage of Xenserver to Citrix?