Disable printer redirection in Group Policy

Event ID 1111 is an annoying error message because it's for a feature that is not used for most Windows Servers. Learn how to disable the printer reduction feature.

For default configurations, the Remote Desktop client and the Remote Desktop Session Host on Server platforms support printer redirection. But how many times have you scrolled through the system log of a Windows Server and passed over the Event ID 1111 messages about an unknown printer driver? This annoying error message is shown in Figure A. Figure A

Event ID 1111 is a harmless error message, but it doesn't make sense if printer redirection is not used. Further, printing in a Remote Desktop can be confusing if the client and the server have the same printer inventory. In most situations for the servers I've worked with, Windows Servers don't utilize printer redirection. (There are, however, use cases for Windows Terminal Servers.)

One approach would be to disable printer redirection if it is not used. This error message is classified as an Error and carries the red designation, which makes it stick out in the System log. Group Policy (as well as a local configuration on a server) permits a Windows Server to prohibit printer redirection; this is configured in Computer Configuration | Policies | Administrative Templates | Windows Components | Remote Desktop Services | Remote Desktop Session Host | Printer Redirection (Figure B). Figure B

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This setting will override the client settings to redirect the printer setting. After this setting is in place, you'll no longer see that irritating error message.

Why would you use printer redirection on a Windows Server? Have you disabled the feature? Share your comments in the discussion.