Every network administrator's dream: Blow up your data center

Some days you just have had enough. There's nothing you want to do more than just light a couple of sticks of dynamite, toss them in the server room, and go home for the day.

Turns out HP has already done that. Kind of. As part of a promotional campaign to show the reliability of HP Procurve networking solutions, HP created a little video where they blow up a data center.

Once you forget the fact that it's purely a marketing piece, right down to the fish that miraculously survives a natural gas explosion, it's actually a pretty cool sight to behold. Naturally, the one data center explodes and all of the fail-over devices work flawlessly.

Unfortunately, TechRepublic doesn't have any spare HP servers lying around to try to duplicate the results. The disclaimer at the end says you shouldn't try it at home anyway.

As long as I'm putting in a plug for an HP disaster recovery solution, I might as well mention that TechRepublic also has a Disaster Recovery Pack available for sale in the TechRepublic Store and as part of a TechRepublic Pro membership. It's not quite as visually appealing as watching a data center explode, but it can help prepare you for disaster if and when it strikes!