Microsoft is knocking on your door, Oracle.

For over a decade, Oracle has been the frontrunner in the database systems market. With the release of SQL Server 2005, it looks like Microsoft is finally knocking on the front door of Oracle. With SQL Server 2005, Microsoft has slowly been increasing market share in the database stream and is doing so because they have a simple strategy. SQL Server 2005 will be available only on the Windows platform. It will be tightly woven into all Windows Server systems. You will never see a SQL Server for Linux. There are third-party tools available for integrating SQL Server with other platforms but SQL Server is Microsoft's gem.

In my opinion, SQL Server is dominating the small\medium database space and as the adoption of 64-bit computing births, we will see Microsoft slowly emerging into the large market space over Oracle and IBM.

It is a very exciting time for SQL Server and I believe a changing of the guard will come. What are your thoughts?