Windows Storage Viewer tool shows iSCSI paths

Getting a good view of iSCSI pathing on a Windows Server can be difficult. Rick Vanover shows a free tool created by one of the best storage professionals in the business.

Chris Evans, The Storage Architect, is one of the most premier storage bloggers in the world. I've had a number of interactions with Chris over the years, and he recently passed along one of his new tools. The Windows Storage Viewer tool is aimed at providing a nice GUI view to the iSCSI targets assigned to a Windows Server.

Windows Storage Viewer requires .NET 3.5; otherwise, it is an uneventful installation. Once Windows Storage Viewer is installed, a server is entered in the Host Name field and the Scan button will connect to a server (including remote ones) to deliver the iSCSI configuration (Figure A). Figure A

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This is particularly useful, as the server in question is based on Windows Server Core.

We can dive into more information on the server with the other tabs. For instance, the iSCSI Sessions tab will show the connections in use by the server (Figure B). Figure B

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If you prefer PowerShell, no worries -- Chris also has some scripts to query the iSCSI configuration. In a blog post, Chris links to two scripts that utilize the MSiSCSIInitiator_SessionClass and MSiSCSI_InitiatorSessionInfo classes of PowerShell. These can be optimized to support a remote Windows Server Core or Hyper-V Server that is enabled for remote management or run directly on a full installation. The outlay of the path configuration of the iSCSI connectivity is important for a Windows Server. The iSCSI initiator (iscsicpl.exe) doesn't outline the individual targets that well.

Windows Storage Viewer is a free tool and is available for download from The Storage Architect blog. Check it out and then share your feedback in the discussion.