DriveClone Pro 3.5: The Right Tool for the Job?

Frequently, IT professionals must prepare identical hard disk images for duplication and deployment to other systems. Erik Eckel evaluates how well DriveClone Pro 3.5 gets the job done.

The Job

Frequently, IT professionals must prepare identical hard disk images for duplication and deployment to other systems. Drives may need to be cloned to simplify new equipment rollout, or such drive images may be required to assist in rescuing a failed or failing hard disk.

The Tool

FarStone Technology boasts that its DriveClone Pro software creates exact copies of hard disks to enable instant recovery following system crashes. I put the software to three real world tests. In addition to cloning a failed hard disk and copying a functioning drive, I tested the software's ability to schedule and complete backup operations, too.

DriveClone Pro 3.5

FarStone's DriveClone Pro presents users with a simple interface that is easily understood and easily navigated. From the application's main menu, users can quickly access the program's three main functions: individual file backups, full computer backups and drive cloning.

DriveClone Pro boasts several advantages:

  • The software is easy to install
  • The user interface is free of distractions and easy to navigate
  • Log files do well collecting critical information
  • Support for universal restores (independent of hardware)
  • The software is powerful (it makes cloning drives and partitions as simple as selecting checkboxes for source and destination locations) and includes a separate backup option
  • The price is right ($59.99, compared to $69.99 for Norton Ghost)

DriveClone, like many utility applications, also suffers a few minor drawbacks:

  • Backup options are limited (Full/Normal and Incremental are the only options; those technicians requiring Copy or Differential backups are out of luck)
  • Users will need to possess some fundamental disk knowledge (such as knowing the difference between a partition and a disk)

The Right Tool for the Job?

DriveClone Pro software makes cloning disk drives and partitions easy. Simply navigate the cloning application's short wizard and within minutes you have functioning cloned disks ready to deploy. Better yet, FarStone's included simple Backup functionality within DriveClone Pro. Thus, IT professionals receive not only a powerful drive imaging application, but an additional option for regularly completing data backups.

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