Maxthon 2.0 Web browser: The Right Tool for the Job?

The Job

Wouldn't it be nice to browse the Web safely and securely with a tool that has the all the easy compatibility of Internet Explorer without sacrificing the features found in modern Web browsers?

The Tool The Maxthon 2.0 Web browser is the most recent generation of an app that started out as a plug-in for Internet Explorer and has grown into a full-fledged piece of software. Is it the Right Tool for the Job? TechRepublic's Anthony Sullivan took it for a test drive and identified these strengths and weaknesses.

  • Far more feature-rich than Internet Explorer.
  • Actual underlying browser is still Internet Explorer, so compatibility is maintained.
  • Includes additional security features that protect your computer from Internet Explorer's weaknesses.
  • Because Maxthon sits on top of an existing browser, its performance is limited to the performance of Internet Explorer. This means it will always be at least slightly slower.
The Right Tool for the Job?

According to Anthony, there is no a single feature in Maxthon that can't be achieved in Firefox using plug-ins, but there is something to be said for a single package that is full featured and developed under the same quality standard. All in all, Maxthon is a great browser and works great. It has a wonderful feature set and very performant. Maxthon is the Right Tool for this job.

For Anthony's complete Right Tool review of Maxthon 2.0, view this screenshot gallery.