Scribus desktop publishing: The Right Tool for the Job?

Most applications that create complex pdf documents are costly, resource hogs, and difficult to master. The alternative? Scribus.

The Job

Your company (like most companies) have multiple needs for various types of PDF documents. The problem? Most applications that create complex pdf documents are costly, resource hogs, and difficult to master. Because of the level of difficulty, many of these applications also require the hiring of employees with specific skill sets. This skill set will often bring the cost of ownership to a level most small businesses can not meet. An alternative is necessary. I have used one such alternative for many years with outstanding results. The alternative? Scribus.

The Tool


Scribus is an open source alternative to applications like Quark and Pagemaker. But don't let the price (or the open source license) fool you. Scribus is a serious application that can pull off serious tasks.

Scribus is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows and is currently enjoying release It offers "press ready" output, has outstanding color management support, and an outstanding support community.

The beauty of this tool, however, is that it's far easier to use, demands far fewer resources, and costs nothing to own. But just how simple is this tool to use? As you can see in the related screenshot gallery, I created a multi-layered PDF document to find out exactly how simple Scribus is.


The Right Tool for the Job?

After using Scribus for many years, for many tasks (from 50+ page newsletters, to resumes, to book printing), I can assure you that this tool is up to just about any Desktop Publishing task you can throw at it. Whether you are a small company needing a newsletter or brochure or a print shop needing something a bit more serious, Scribus is the Right Tool for the job.

Read my comprehensive screenshot review of Scribus desktop publishing.

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