Servers Alive: The Right Tool for the Job?

The Job

When managing a cluster of servers or simply hosting a single crucial application, uptime and response time monitoring is important. So you need a tool that is effective and reliable.

The Tool Servers Alive is a pricey product intended to be used as an enterprise-wide solution. Is it the Right Tool for the Job? TechRepublic's Anthony Sullivan put it to the test. Here's a quick summary of what he learned.

Servers Alive

Servers Alive's strengths
  • Flexibility allows multiple protocols with lots of configurability.
  • Very good alerts solution to ensure excellent response times.
Servers Alive's weaknesses
  • Somewhat clunky interface.
  • Very high price point when compared to other software in its class.
The Right Tool for the Job?

Servers Alive seems to do what it says it will. The interface isn't terribly sexy, but it gets the job done.

Given that there are some really great free options out there, it's hard to give Servers Alive the TechRepublic stamp of approval. At an entry level price of $119 and some packages soaring in to the hundreds of dollars, this product prices itself well outside the market.

Servers Alive is NOT the Right Tool for the Job.

View Anthony's complete Right Tool review of Servers Alive in this screenshot gallery.