Ten software downloads on TechRepublic that will never make it as a Right Tool for the Job

We TechRepublic editors are a serious, hardworking bunch. Even toward the end of a team lunch at the Macaroni Grill, minds dulled by gargantuan helpings of seafood linguini and molten chocolate cake, our conversation somehow, inevitably meanders back towards work questions of monumental significance, such as: What is with all the wacky software in the TechRepublic Software Library, anyway? Sure, the TechRepublic Software Library is loaded with apps of great practical value to the working IT pro. Almost every week we draw on the library for a new Right Tool for the Job feature. But did you know that hiding deep within the library's recesses are countless software downloads - many free or free to try - that will almost certainly never make it into a Right Tool for the Job review? Some are silly, some are near-misses, and some are vaguely or downright inappropriate. View an image gallery of ten examples, chosen at random. It will probably be pretty obvious why we think these particular downloads are unlikely to appeal to the average TechRepublic member. But if we're wrong -- if you would in fact like to see a Right Tool review of one or more of these software downloads -- we trust you won't be shy about letting us know.

Jessica Alba Screensaver

What is this picture of actor Jessica Alba doing in the TechRepublic Software Library?

Go ahead. We dare you. Click here for a look at some software downloads on TechRepublic that we don't think will ever appeal to you, the hardworking IT pro.