XTweak: The Right Tool for the Job?

The Job

Configurability isn't something Windows is known for. For this reason, there is always someone willing to write an application to modify and configure its varying features.

The Tool

XTweak is an application that attempts  to pull all Windows users' configuration needs into one easy-to-use interface. Is it the Right Tool for the Job? TechRepublic's Anthony Sullivan  gives us the lowdown.


XTweak's strengths
  • Provides a single point for most if not all configuration.
  • Helps users secure their machines by providing security settings that are harder to get to within Windows.
XTweak's weaknesses
  • Lots of duplication.
  • Product may spread itself too thin.
The Right Tool for the Job?

According to Anthony, XTweak seems like a solid product. "Compared to the other dogs in this fight, it stands up well. There are features that I would like to see, but no other packages have them yet either. I hope we'll see them down the road either with XTweak or with something else. Until then, XTweak is the Right Tool for the Job."

Read Anthony's complete Right Tool review of XTweak in this screenshot gallery.