Are $100 tablets a waste of money?

A $100 tablet may sound like a great deal. But, low-cost machines often have outdated software and underpowered hardware. Does price trump functionality?

A wave of tablets is beginning to sweep across the tech world. The most-talked about devices will be high-end units, such as the Apple iPad and Motorola XOOM. But among the crowd will also be low-price, bare-bones machines, such as the LY-706 that I cracked open this week.

At $100 the LY-706 (also know as the MID 706) is roughly 20 percent the price of an iPad or Samsung Galaxy tab (sans contract). But even with such a low price, do you get enough bang for your buck? Neither TechRepublic's Mark Kaelin nor I think you do.

The LY-706 is underpowered, uses old technology, and the build quality is sub-par. Read Mark's full review for his complete opinion of the LY-706. Perhaps we expect too much for a device that costs about the same as a nice dinner for two. What do you think?