Cut through IT/end-user confusion with Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder

Bill Detwiler shows you how Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder can show you exactly what was happening when a computer problem occurred.

How many times has a user struggled to explain over the phone exactly what they were doing when their computer crashed?

Although tools like Windows Remote Assistance, LogMeIn, CrossLoop, and VNC are probably the best way to see exactly what's happening with a remote system, there are times when connecting directly to a machine just isn't possible or practical. In these situations, the end user is often left trying to explain the events that led up to their problem over the phone. And depending on how tech savvy they are, these conversations can be extremely frustrating for both the user and IT.

During this week's TR Dojo episode, I show you how the Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder can show you exactly what was happening when a problem occurred.

TR Dojo: Let users show you with Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder

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