Defrag and optimize your hard drive with the Windows defrag.exe command line tool

Bill Detwiler shows you how to defragment a hard drive from the Windows 7 command line, and use defrag.exe's hidden "boot optimization" switch.

For nearly as long as there have been traditional, platter and spindle hard drives, IT pros and end users have been defragmenting those drives--to reduce the delay retrieving related data.

And unless you're using a solid-state drive, defragmentation should be part of your normal PC maintenance procedure. In fact, the built-in Windows 7 and Vista Disk Defragmenter utility is configured to run once a week by default.

But what if you're an IT pro, and you prefer working from the command line. Or, you want to create a script that defragments the machines you support. Well, that's where the defrag.exe command line tool can help.

During this week's TR Dojo episode, I show you how to defragment a hard drive using the Windows defrag.exe command line utility, and use the tool's hidden "boot optimization" switch.

TR Dojo: Defrag hard drives from the Windows 7 command line

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