Ed Roberts, creator of the Altair 8800, dies

Dr. Ed Roberts, creator of the Altair 8800 died yesterday. In celebration of his accomplishments, here's a look inside his creation—the first successful PC.

Dr. Ed Roberts,  co-founder of Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS) and creator of the Altair 8800 died yesterday, April 1, 2010. He was 68.

If not the first home computer, Dr. Roberts' Altair 8800 was definitely the first successful one. In memory of  his accomplishments, I'm republishing a few photos from our gallery of the Altair 8800. Erik Klein, vintage computer collector and Webmaster of Vintage-Computer.com, takes you inside the Altair 8800 as he restores one of these classic machines.

Erik has graciously allowed us to republish his photos and descriptions. You can find a much more detailed description of Erik's Altair restoration in our gallery, "Inside the Altair 8800 vintage computer," and on Erik's Web site Vintage-Computer.com.

For more information on Rd. Ed Roberts and his contributions to the world of computing, try the following:

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By Bill Detwiler

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