Fix recurring Asus motherboard "F2 to restore BIOS" message

TechRepublic member solves a recurring Asus motherboard "F2 to reset BIOS" message by replacing BIOS battery.

TechRepublic member zackery69 recently asked TechRepublic's community of IT professionals for help with an annoying Asus motherboard problem. Each time he powered up his machine, a message appeared asking him to press F2 to restore the motherboard's BIOS. The machine would run fine once he complied with the message, but the routine was getting old.

According to zackery69:

"its been like this ever since ive bought the motherboard bout a 6 months ago... ive recently upgraded the bios form the asus website and it has the latest bios on it but i still get the error message ,does anyone know how i can get rid of this annoying message ...? wen the pc boots up it runs fine its just turning it on youve always got to press f2 to get it booting up..."

TechRepublic members were quick to offer solutions. OH Smeg suggested the following potential fixes:

  • Entering the Date & Time
  • Configuring the BIOS to run on Default settings
  • Setting the BIOS Clear Jumper to RUN and resetting the BIOS
  • Replacing the BIOS battery
  • Returning the motherboard for a replacement

Member Peconet Tietokoneet also suggested replacing the BIOS battery. "You will be fine, also as stated above, your motherboard battery seems to be dead or dying, so replace it and then follow OH Smeg's advice," he wrote.

A new battery fixed the problem. "ok i got a battery and so far all good," zackery69 wrote.