Four IBM laptop designs that never panned out

Although creative, these four IBM laptop designs never made it to market--telescoping screen, pop-up magnifier, scissor hinge lid, and folding sun shield.

For decades, IBM was a pioneer in the portable computer market, introducing the venerable ThinkPad laptop brand--sold to Lenovo in 2005. And when Big Blue was still designing laptops, its engineers and designers came up with some pretty strange ideas.

Image taken from U.S. Patent 6,504,707 - Digitized by Google

The U.S. patent drawings in this gallery showcase four of those ideas:

While none of these ideas made it to market in their original form, they illustrate the creativity of IBM employees. They also provide a glimpse of current technologies that were being toyed with years ago--such flippable displays (found in many convertible, tablet laptops).