Poll: How much will the Apple tablet cost and will you pay it?

Most agree Apple will release a tablet PC. But, there's still debate on how much an Apple tablet will cost. What do you think? And, will you pay it?

On January 27, Apple will unveil its "latest creation" at a media event in San Francisco. Although the company hasn't officially said the new product will be a tablet PC, every tech analyst, gadget blogger, and Apple watcher will be shocked if it isn't. And in recent days, coverage of Apple's latest device has turned from speculation about what exactly it will be to what features it will offer and how much it will cost--both of which are critical to Apple selling enough of the new gadgets.

In an article published earlier today, the Wall Street Journal reported that "Steve Jobs is betting he can reshape businesses like textbooks, newspapers and television much the way his iPod revamped the music industry-and expand Apple's influence and revenue as a content middleman". In a nutshell, Apple wants you to consume a variety of media on its new device--all purchased through iTunes. Of course, you'll also be able to surf the Web, tap into your favorite social networking tools, get your email, and so forth. But is this really what consumers want and how much will they be willing to pay for it?

Apparently for many, $700 (US) is the limit.

In an article on ZDNet, Andrew Nusca cites a new survey from Retrevo on consumer sentiment of a new Apple tablet. Nusca wrote "70 percent of consumers won't spend more than $700 for an Apple tablet, and consumers were equally split over whether they would pay for 3G connectivity...."

So, I put the following questions to the TechRepublic audience. What do you think Jobs' latest creation will cost? And, what are willing to pay for an Apple tablet?

Edited 1/25/2010: Fixed location of Apple event.