Poll: Which Web browser do you trust most?

With the proliferation of Web-based tools and systems, the browser has become a critical business application. As such, businesses and individuals must choose a browser that they trust. Which browser is your pick?

In a recent IT Dojo poll, I asked TechRepublic members if their Web browser has become their most-used interface platform. As of this writing and with over 700 votes counted, 51 percent of respondents reported that more than half, if not all, of the systems they or their users work with each day are accessed via a browser.

As these results show, browsers are a critical business application. Therefore, it's important for businesses and individuals to choose a browser that they trust, which isn't Internet Explorer--at least according to a poll on TechRepublic's sister site ZDNet. In his article, Two ActiveX vulnerabilities make IE a toxic choice, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes asked readers if Internet Explorer is "too toxic to trust." As of this writing, 68 percent of over 640 respondents said yes. I'd like to know what TechRepublic users think.