Poll: Would you want ads on your Windows Desktop

Microsoft is selling branded Windows 7 Desktop themes to advertisers. Would you want them on your Windows Desktop?

As if all the sponsored applications that come with most new computers wasn't enough, Microsoft announced Friday a program to sell ads on the Windows 7 desktop.

According to a CNET News report from Ina Fried:

"Advertisers can buy the right to offer various themes that customize the desktop image and that promote various gadgets and even custom sounds for the Windows 7 operating system. Microsoft stressed, however, that users will choose which, if any, of the customizations they want to download. ... The Windows Personalization Gallery offers a desktop branding experience for users throughout the operation of their Windows 7-based PC, including backgrounds, slide shows, borders, and application audio elements."

I understand that no one is forced to download or use a sponsored desktop theme. I also realize most people proudly wear clothing emblazoned with their favorite brand logo. But, something about this program rubs me the wrong way. What do you think?

Microsoft Windows Personalization Gallery