Pop Quiz: Computer History

From the origins of the Internet to the birth of RAM, IT Dojo celebrates its first week with a pop quiz on key events in computer evolution.

What would a classroom be without the occasional pop quiz? To celebrate IT Dojo's first week, I'm republishing one of TechRepublic's most popular Pop Quizzes. Way back in 2002, I challenged members to test their knowledge of computer history, and over 3,400 people answered the challenge. After tallying the results, I noticed several questions had really stumped our quiz takers. I would like to see if the results are different six years later.

Note: A quick reminder before your test your knowledge. I published all the answers to this quiz in my September, 2002 article, "Many members stumped by computer history pop quiz". I encourage you to take the test BEFORE looking at the answers--that just ruins all the fun. And besides, it's not like your next raise depends on you getting a perfect score.

So here it is - TechRepublic's classic Computer History pop quiz.