Pop Quiz: Computer Ports and Connectors

Do you know the difference between the shape of an Ethernet, eSATA, and USB port? Take this short quiz and test your knowledge of external computer ports.

From Firewire to USB, computers have a lot of different ports. And, the number seems to grow every few years. As it's important for IT pros to know a DVI port from an HDMI port, I put together a quick pop quiz on common external computer connectors. As you take the quick remember the following:

  • The pictures are of the computer port, not the corresponding cable connector.
  • This quiz doesn't cover every port and connector in existence. I tried to focus on the most common.
  • Some ports have different shapes--USB Type A, Type B, Mini A, and so forth. I tried to use the most common shape.
  • The ports/connectors are listed in no particular order.
  • I've spanned this quiz across multiple pages to limit the length of each page. There are 16 ports to identify.

Note: Unfortunately, our poll tool, which I use to create each pop quiz, doesn't let me indicate a correct answer after each question. To keep from giving away the answers before everyone has a chance to test his/her knowledge, and ruining all the fun, I've published the answers on the last page of this blog post. I encourage everyone to answer all the questions before looking at the last page or using your favorite search engine to find the answers.

Edit: I edited one answer on Question 3 (Figure C) to be more clear. The previous answer was still correct, but a bit confusing. Thanks to everyone who pointed this out.
Figure A

Figure B

Figure C