Pop Quiz: RAID basics

Do you know the difference between RAID 1 and RAID 5? Take this short quiz and test your knowledge of RAID basics.

From disk striping to distributed parity, RAID solutions can provide fault-tolerance and improve performance. But, how much do you really know about the different RAID levels? Take this short quiz and test your knowledge.

Note: Unfortunately, our poll tool, which I use to create each pop quiz, doesn't let me indicate a correct answer after each question. To keep from giving away the answers before everyone has a chance to test his/her knowledge, and ruining all the fun, I've published the answers on the second page of this blog post. I encourage everyone to answer all the questions before looking at the second page.

Answers are on the next page.

Edited 1/18/2011: Fixed an error in one of the answers to the first question and fixed a problem with the answers appearing on the first page.

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