Pop Quiz: Windows ipconfig command

Do you know how to quickly release and renew DCHP leases on Windows PCs? Test your knowledge of the Windows ipconfig command.

When troubleshooting network connection issues on a Windows PCs, IT pros often turn to the venerable ipconfig command. This tool can be one of the quickest ways to diagnose and resolve connection problems related to TCP/IP.

Sure, you can perform the same troubleshooting tasks from the Windows GUI. But why dig through multiple menus, when you can type a few characters into a command prompt? So, I've put together this short quiz to test your knowledge of the Windows ipconfig command. I'm using Windows 7 as the basis for this quiz.

Note: Unfortunately, our poll tool, which I use to create each pop quiz, doesn't let me indicate a correct answer after each question. To keep from giving away the answers before everyone has a chance to test his/her knowledge, and ruining all the fun, I've published the answers on the second page of this blog post. I encourage everyone to answer all the questions before looking at the second page or using your favorite search engine to find the answers.

Answers are on the next page.