Require help desk analysts to make the most of down time

During this 16-minute podcast, help desk guru Jeff Davis and Bill Detwiler, TechRepublic Head Technology Editor, explore the issue of help desk time management.


Should help desk analysts be allowed to do whatever they want when they're not answering and documenting calls? Or should they be asked to perform other duties between calls? Is too much down time a sign the help desk is overstaffed?

There's been some fervent debate and discussion on TechRepublic about this topic. During this 16-minute podcast, originally published in May 2006 as part of our Rootcast series, help desk guru Jeff Davis and I explore the issue of help desk time management. Jeff explains why analysts should do more than just wait for the next call and offers advice IT managers who need to motivate their staff.


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By Bill Detwiler

Bill Detwiler is Managing Editor of TechRepublic and Tech Pro Research and the host of Cracking Open, CNET and TechRepublic's popular online show. Prior to joining TechRepublic in 2000, Bill was an IT manager, database administrator, and desktop supp...