Reset a Mac admin password with the OS X Reset Password utility

Bill Detwiler shows you how to reset a Mac OS X local admin password with Apple's Reset Password utility.

When users power on a new Mac for the first time, OS X's Setup Assistant will prompt them to create a primary user account and supply a password. By default, this initial account acts as an admin account for the machine. For many individuals, this is the only account they will ever use.

Unfortunately, many users set their Macs to automatically log in as the machine boots, and (not having to enter their password on a regular basis) they quickly forget it. Then when they need to perform a critical system update or install a new application they can't, because they don't remember their password.

Luckily, Apple includes a Reset Password utility on the OS Ten Install DVD that ships with new Macs. During this week's TR Dojo episode, I show you how to reset a Mac's admin password with the Reset Password utility.

TR Dojo: Reset a Mac’s admin password with the Reset Password utility

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