Revive unbootable Windows 7 PC with System Image Recovery

Hard drive failures don't have to be a crisis. Bill Detwiler shows you how to revive an unbootable Windows 7 PC using the System Image Recovery tool.

Windows System Restore is a handy way to undo common actions that go wrong, like a bad driver installation or failed system update. But there are problems that even System Restore can't fix, such as a massive corruption of core system files or a failed hard drive.

Luckily, Windows 7 has a built-in tool designed for these situations. In this week's show, I show you how to revive an unbootable Windows 7 system with the System Image Recovery tool.

TR Dojo: Restore Windows 7 system that won't boot with System Image Recovery

For those who prefer text to video, click the View Transcript link below the video player window or check out Greg Shultz's article, "Use Windows 7 System Image Recovery to restore a hard disk," on which this episode is based.

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