TR Dojo Quiz: Name that tech company founder

Take our TR Dojo tech founders quiz and test your knowledge of the names behind some of the biggest tech companies.

u probably know the names behind Microsoft, Apple, Dell and other early tech companies. But, do you know who founded Cisco? What about AMD or Intel? Take our TR Dojo Cracking Open quiz and test your knowledge of tech company founders.

As you take the quick remember the following:

  • I focused the quiz on large companies that were founded early in the tech revolution and that have been industry leaders for at least 20 years. The quiz therefore, does not include more recently formed Internet heavyweights such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook. In the future, I'll publish a quiz on these companies.
  • Many companies and people are not listed. For example, IBM is not on the list. Because "Big Blue" was formed by the merger of several existing companies, it's difficult, if not impossible, to determine a founder. Likewise, not all eight of the AMD co-founders are listed. There just wasn't room in the quiz for that many individuals from a single company.
  • The questions are spread across multiple pages to make the quiz easier to take. Be sure to click the next page link at the bottom of each page. I've also included photos of some people in the quiz.
Note: Unfortunately, our poll tool, which I use to create each pop quiz, doesn't let me indicate a correct answer after each question. To keep from giving away the answers before everyone has a chance to test his/her knowledge, and ruining all the fun, I've published the answers on the last page of this blog post. I encourage everyone to answer all the questions before looking at the last page or using your favorite search engine to find the answers.
Steven Jobs and Steve Wozniak

Paul Allen - Credit: NBA

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