Video: Cracking Open the Apple iPad

Bill Detwiler cracks open the Apple iPad for a look at the hardware inside the Apple tablet.

At its heart, the Apple iPad may be a consumer device. But as we've seen with the iPhone, Apple's consumer devices often find a way into the corporate IT environment. So if you're going to be supporting the iPad, whether in the office or just for family and friends, knowing what's inside the device can help.  And hey, if you're like me, you just like to take things apart to satisfy your own curiosity. During this special edition of TR Dojo, I crack open the Apple iPad.

TR Dojo: Cracking Open the Apple iPad

In addition to this video, TechRepublic has published an extensive photo gallery of the cracking open process and the Apple iPad's internal components. I'd like to personally thank the people at iFixit and Rapid Repair for giving us permission to use photos from their teardown galleries.

I dissected the Apple iPad in a way that allowed me to put it back together in working order. This meant that I couldn't remove every component from the metal case or front panel assembly. But, iFixit and Rapid Repair did, and you can see some of their photos in our gallery, "Cracking Open the Apple iPad."

Photo by, used with permission

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