Video: How to spoof a MAC address

MAC address filtering is often used to secure older wireless equipment. Is this technique effective? In this IT Dojo video, Bill Detwiler shows you just how easy it is to spoof a MAC address and why MAC address filtering might not even keep out the "slacker hackers."

When you support small offices, home offices, and remote offices, you often run across older wireless equipment. Equipment that's likely secured with MAC filtering and perhaps a hidden SSID and WEP encryption.

I think most techs would agree that MAC filtering alone isn't going to secure a wireless network and that even WEP and a hidden SSID aren't much better. But, does MAC filtering at least keep out the lazy hackers? In this IT Dojo video, I show you just how easy it is to spoof a MAC address.

After watching the video, you can read the original tip in Chad Perrin's article, "How to spoof a MAC address". For more wireless security tips, check out the following TechRepublic Resources:

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