Video: Reduce power use in your data center or server room

From virtualization to hardware consolidation, Bill Detwiler gives IT pros five practical ways to save power in your server room or datacenter.

Reducing the power used by your organization's data center or server room is a good idea for at least two reasons.

First, it can reduce your power bill, and who doesn't want to save money. Second, if your server room has reached capacity with respect to the power available in your facility, then cutting back on your power use may be the only way to add more equipment-without rewiring you building.

During this week's TR Dojo episode, I give you five practical power-saving tips for the server room or data center.

TR Dojo: Five power-saving tips for the server room and datacenter Whether your company is trying to go Green or just save a little green, cutting back on the power used by your server room or datacenter can help. Bill Detwiler shows you five practical power-saving tips for IT pros. Once you’ve watched this TR Dojo video, you can find a link to the original TechRepublic article and print the tip from our <a href="">TR Dojo Blog</a>.

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