Video: Remove Windows XP from a dual-boot configuration with Windows 7

Bill Detwiler explains how to remove Windows XP from a dual-boot system that runs both Windows XP and Windows 7.

TR Dojo: Remove Windows XP from and dual-boot configuration with Windows 7

In the last episode of TR Dojo, I went over the steps to create a dual-boot system with Windows 7 and Windows XP. The benefit of this set-up was to allow a risk-free transition to the new OS, particularly for those who skipped Vista.

But once you're committed to Windows 7 and want to get rid of XP altogether, how do you migrate away from the dual-boot configuration? During this week's episode of TR Dojo, I'll tell you how.

For those of you who prefer text to video, you can click the Transcript link that appears below the video player window or read Greg Shultz's article, "Migrate to Windows 7 from an XP dual-boot configuration," on which this episode is based.

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