Video: TR Dojo bloopers for 2010

Watch Bill Detwiler, host of TR Dojo, flub his lines, growl at the camera, and even answer a support call while filming in this blooper reel from 2010.

Another year has past here at TechRepublic, and this year we aired our 100th TR Dojo episode. And as those of you who hang around until after the credits know, among all that footage are a lot of bloopers. Here on TR Dojo, we're once again celebrating the year holiday season with an episode dedicated entirely to my mistakes. You'll see me flub my lines, ramble on to know one in particular, and even field PC support from my dad while we were of filming. Enjoy and Happy Holidays! If you'd like to see more footage of me screwing up, check out the TR Dojo bloopers for 2008 and the TR Dojo bloopers for 2009. You can also sign up to receive the latest TR Dojo lessons through one or more of the following methods: