Windows 7 command-line tools for the IT ninja

Bill Detwiler reveals four lesser-known command-line tools for IT pros who troubleshoot Windows 7 problems.

These days, many enterprise IT pros don't spend much time troubleshooting PCs. If a problem takes more than an hour to fix, they're likely to roll the machine back to an earlier restore point or re-image the hard drive. And if users work on VMs, resetting a machine is even easier.

But many consultants and IT pros in smaller shops still spend time identifying and fixing desktop problems. And on Windows 7 machines, troubleshooting often requires a trip to the command line. So during this week's episode of TR Dojo, I show you several lesser-known commands that every Windows ninja should know.

TR Dojo: Must-know Windows 7 troubleshooting commands

For those who prefer text to video, click the View Transcript link below the video player window or check out Brien Posey's article, "10 Windows 7 commands every administrator should know," on which this video is based. And more Windows command-line tips and tricks, check out the following resources:

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