Work faster in Word by customizing the Office 2010 Ribbon

Bill Detwiler helps you take control of the Office 2010 Ribbon by adding shortcuts to the Quick Access Toolbar, creating your own tabs, and removing unused tabs.

When Microsoft introduced Office 2007, many long-time Office users (myself included), hated the infamous Ribbon. Tools that were quickly accessible from the old toolbar interface, were now hidden behind a variety of tabs and drop-down menus.

To make matters worse, you couldn't customize the Ribbon. You were stuck with the organization that Microsoft deemed best. Luckily, the developers in Redmond made the Office 2010 interface more flexible.

During this week's TR Dojo episode, I show how to customize the Office 2010 Ribbon by adding items to the Quick Access Toolbar, creating custom tabs, and removing tabs you never use.

TR Dojo: Customize the Office 2010 Ribbon with these three tips

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