Are you an early adopter, or do you wait and see?

From time to time -- no scrub that, all the time -- things change in the industry. New hardware breakthroughs, new operating systems, new software, new peripherals and updated software all appear with frightening regularity. A quick Google search will reveal peripherals and software to assist with virtually any activity you could conceivably imagine. I have even seen knitting machines that install as printers, allowing you to design a sweater on screen, load the yarn and "print" your winter wardrobe in minutes.

Cast your mind back 15 years, would you have believed that you would be using hard disks with capacities of over 100 GB and 1 GB of RAM memory in a regular desktop machine? Of course not -- I can recall when a colleague called Sean build a new Pentium 133 machine for himself and included 32 MB of RAM and two 1-GB hard drives. We thought he was losing his marbles but he was enacting the buzzword of the day, "future-proofing."

We used to over-build PCs to a ridiculous degree and hang the tag "future-proof" on them, only to be made to look stupid as the typical spec for a PC swept past our designs in a matter of months.

Nowadays I like to sit back and see what happens. In this way I was spared the indignity of a Zip drive, the four-speed CD-ROM drive, and similar Betamax moments.

It is with this in mind that I am waiting for others to find out how Vista will turn out. By the time I get there most of the known problems will have fixes posted on the various forums (or should that be forae?) that concern themselves with such matters.

There are those who need to keep right up to the minute with technology, others feel that they need to, some enjoy the challenge, some people are too busy to follow the trends, preferring to go for solid reliability twinned with tried and tested solutions.

Which camp do you fall into?