Designing and delivering a great support experience

Register to participate in a live BNET Webcast on March 31, discussing how to design and build a customer support experience that increases loyalty and profitablility.

Sign up now for a live BNET Webcast on March 31 (1 P.M. ET), aimed at support pros and sponsored by Citrix Online. "Six Steps to Designing and Delivering a Great Support Experience" will be moderated by James Hilliard and feature Shaun Smith, President and Founder of Smith+Co.

Here are the topics to be covered:

  • The 6-step process to designing and delivering a great support experience
  • The movement from products to services to experiences (and how this impacts profitability)
  • Ways in which management should respond to the evolution of the support center

Register for the live event to participate in the discussion and ask questions.

By Selena Frye

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